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St. Vincent Movie Review

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St. Vincent Movie Review

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St. Vincent Movie Review

St. Vincent is happy to see Bill Murray in funny form, but along the way it veers into dangerously sentimental territory. Read critic reviews

Discover St. Vincent And The Grenadines In The Caribbean

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Maggie (Melissa McCarthy), a single woman, moves to Brooklyn with her 12-year-old son Oliver (Jaden Lieberher). When he has to work for too long, Oliver has no choice but to leave him in the care of Vincent (Bill Murray), a neighborhood gentleman. Vincent takes Oliver to a race track, a strip club, and a diving trip, and a friendship is born. This man is a mentor in his own hedonistic way, and sees the good in Oliver Vincent that no one else can. Get our free weekly email newsletter for the latest cinematic news from our film critic, Clarice Lafrey.

Writer-director Ted Melfi’s comedy provides the perfect platform for Bill Murray. He plays Vincent McCann, a Vietnam War veteran who in early scenes looks like he’s stumbled out of a Charles Bukowski story.

He is a hard-drinking, gambling misanthrope who has a prostitute (Naomi Watt) as his girlfriend and is in constant conflict with his next-door neighbor, single mother Melissa McCarthy. Of course, when she takes on the job of babysitting for her neighbor’s blind boy, we begin to see her in a very different light.

St. Vincent At Radio City Music Hall Review: Daddy’s Home Finds Its Place

The film is both sweet (its manipulative, shameless maverick story) and poignant (Murray’s wonderfully bad-tempered performance). Make sure you stay for the end credits, during which we see Murray mug in a wonderfully idiosyncratic take on Bob Dylan’s “Shelter From The Storm” playing with a garden hose.

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Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to log in automatically Please refresh your browser Modern Bill Murray has settled into a certain rhythm. It does the mid to high stuff (with the occasional train wreck) where it’s at its best. He gets juicy roles that, on paper, should lead to an Oscar nomination, but rarely do. Apparently, he only does what interests him. On paper

St. Vincent Talks Her New Album Masseduction And Dorian Grey

It would look like an Oscar contender and fantastic. Actually, it’s an average, better than average brow, good drama.

Vin (Bill Murray) has life down to a science. He drinks too much, he gambles too much, he hides his bookie uniform, he kicks a local Russian stripper (Naomi Watt Daka), whose unborn child may or may not be his, and he’s broke. New neighbor Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) sees him making a quick buck when he crashes a tree into her car and breaks her fence. When Maggie’s son Oliver (Jaden Lieberher) arrives at Vin’s door one day, locked out of his home and his mother working long hours, Vin decides to make more money by becoming Oliver’s daycare.

Vin and Oliver are at the race track, they hang out at a local dive bar, Vin teaches Oliver how to stand up to the school bullies, and a lot of value ensues. Of course, Oliver’s relationship with Vin eventually starts to bring people into his life like they haven’t in years. If you’ve seen the trailer, or even just read it, you probably know what to expect from this movie. And you are right, but only to a point.

Gets most of it in the first half. It gets better from there. But it’s also the kind of movie that has the most predictable and corny moments to endure. Obviously, having Bill Murray in the lead role means heavy lifting, charm and charisma.

Granger On Movies: ‘st. Vincent’

There are no bad guys. Vin is angry because he can’t keep his wife with dementia in a senior care facility. Maggie doesn’t technically ignore her son, but only because she works so hard to provide for him. Daka is selfish and opportunistic until Vin needs real help and steps up. Oliver’s rudeness takes the form of hearing about his abuse. Even Oliver’s father, a cruel prick who is only talked about and seen briefly, turns out to be a good father once we see him.

The kind of heartbreak that I usually hate is a good movie. But writer and director Theodore Melfi wears it all on his sleeve and never tries to disguise his film as anything other than a heartbreak. The big, climactic speech scene is telegraphed a mile away when the film’s title kicks in. But I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t hit me like a ton of bricks. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sentimentality as long as the film doesn’t make any bones about it.

If all of this turns you off, you should listen to Naomi Watts chewing over the scenes in her over-the-top Russian accent. Natasha, it’s easy to let the familiar tale of an old man reluctantly befriend a young boy, however

A child of divorce, Oliver, finds friendship in Vincent, a bitter drunk who works as a daycare/gambling partner. While charming, delightful and entertaining, this film goes to the heart of the characters. A gambling subplot that features Howard as the most dangerous firebrand bookie seems out of place in this fine tale of interracial relationships. Although the film had high expectations, it felt flat in some ways.

The Boys Of St. Vincent

Bill Murray plays the ever-familiar curmudgeon with a heart of gold, but while charismatic and impatient, much of the film sees Murray bring new life to the role. Although a bit underwhelming, it’s heartening to see McCarthy move away from toilet jokes and into a role without extensive swearing for the first time.

. The shining star, and perhaps the most interesting aspect of this film, is Jaden Lieberher as young Oliver. His performance combines the innocence and curiosity you’d expect from a nine-year-old boy, with intelligence and bravery. If nothing else, this film is worth watching for its performance alone.

Theodore Melfi does a good job of pulling back the layers that don’t look like Vincent. The first half of the film feels a little neglected, but the latter half makes up for the lack of heart and humor. Naomi Watts plays “Lady of the Night” Dhaka, and delivers the best lines and truths. He doesn’t fit the story a bit, but unlike Howard’s character, he takes his place in it with a really sincere and entertaining performance.

The bare bones of this movie show real promise, and maybe if some additional plotlines were axed, and the film definitely focused on Vincent’s interesting character, it could have made for an interesting character movie. But the predictability of the setting means it stays on a good trajectory, and we imagine the all-too-familiar story in a charming but simple way.

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