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The Wolf Of Wall Street Review

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The Wolf Of Wall Street Review

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The Wolf Of Wall Street Review – Martin Scorsese, one of the biggest directors in the industry, teams up with the golden goose Leonardo DiCaprio to bring the true story of Jordan Belfort to the big screen. Some films have been released in late December to qualify for next year’s Oscars, and there are already rumblings that this film could be in the running for a slew of awards.

The bottom line. DiCaprio plays former stockbroker Jordan Belfort and follows his rise in the stock market world and what that world does to a man. Jonah Hill plays one of his initial partners, Donnie. Other stars include Matthew McConaughy, Kyle Chandler, Jon Bernthal, Rob Reiner and Margot Robbie. Note: The movie is based on a book actually written by Jordan Belfort, who actually appears in the last scene of the movie.

The Wolf Of Wall Street Review

DiCaprio absolutely steals the show and it’s starting to seem like the guy can do anything. At first I compared this to his performance in the

The Wolf Of Wall Street Review. Electric Performance By Leonardo Dicaprio

Because he plays a millionaire who lives lavishly, but those performances are two very different things. Gatsby is a much more sympathetic character, but Belfort is such a force of nature that you are drawn to him. He’s a horrible person, but you can’t help but be fascinated by the train wreck. The film contains two conventions that could have done more harm than good: an excess of monologues and the breaking of the fourth wall. DiCaprio nailed them both. He often gives long rousing motivational speeches, but each one was impressive and will no doubt serve as fodder for theater students for many years to come. And the film helps us as an audience understand the world by having Belfort literally tell us what’s going on, but Belfort’s confidence makes these moments perfect.

Jonah Hill is also pretty outstanding in this movie, especially given the arc his character takes. He and Leo have a scene involving an excess of Quaaludes that is hilarious yet strikingly emotional.

This is not a happy story, although it contains many celebrations. We, as the audience, know things aren’t going to end great, so we’re hesitant about all the celebrations. So while this isn’t a positive story, it’s still a lot of fun. I loved every minute of this movie, even with our main character being a mess and a jerk and generally not a very nice person.

, the most impressive). There are scenes of just talking, reminiscent of Sorkin or Tarantino, that are astonishingly incredible. It’s simple, just a snapshot of this world, but the conversation is so captivating and revealing of their world, it’s impossible to look away. Flawless dialogue.

Film Review: ‘the Wolf Of Wall Street’ Is An Obnoxious And Voyeuristic Film, But Is Also Brilliantly Entertaining

This is an adult film, and even a few older people in my theater got up and left halfway through (since there was a rather graphic sex scene). If you are interested in the story of the character and the world they lived in, this is the place for you, but you have to have the stomach for it. Not for the easily offended.

This film has all the qualities that a great film should strive for. Amazing and interesting story, exceptional dialogues and great actors. For a three-hour movie, I still found myself wanting more. That’s proof of how amazing it is

Is. Expect to see a few Academy Awards for this gem, so you’ll want to make sure you catch it in theaters while you can.

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Wolf Of Wall Street A Never Ending Bore (review)

Sharp humor underscores the freewheeling energy of Scorsese’s latest film, which focuses on unscrupulous stockbrokers. It’s wild and unruly, but enchanting. Based on the memoirs of multimillionaire Jordan Belfort, Wolf’s lens is trained on the ubiquity of greed. Like Scorsese’s After Hours, it’s absurdly funny, though more similar to Goodfellas in substance and structure.

The story follows the rise and fall of the obnoxious market wizard Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his entourage of lecherous fellow traders and, to a lesser extent, the FBI agent (Kyle Chandler) who is out to bring him down.

In voice-over narration and in shots where he often looks directly into the camera, Belfort knows no bounds with his drug-addled swagger. From throwing dwarfs to smuggling thousands of dollars into Switzerland, many scenes play out like a twisted farce.

Belfort’s all-out greed captures the essence of ’90s excess. The company Belfort is building is essentially a mash-up of a brotherhood and a cult, complete with chest-pounding and chanting. He and his closest companion Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill, with a hilarious set of luminescent false teeth) ingest insane amounts of controlled substances and sleep countless women. They are rock stars in the financial world, and such enjoyment is expected in their orgiastic culture of excess.

The Wolf Of Wall Street [blu Ray]: Amazon.de: Dicaprio, Leonardo, Hill, Jonah, Mcconaughey, Matthew, Robbie, Margot, Chandler, Kyle, Reiner, Rob, Favreau, Jon, Dujardin, Jean, Scorsese, Martin, Dicaprio, Leonardo, Hill, Jonah: Dvd & Blu Ray

From a working-class background, Belfort begins his career on Wall Street as a decent guy, but, tutored by a lovable jackass (Matthew McConaughey), he quickly gains a sense of entitlement.

The stock market crash of 1987 rocks Belfort’s world, but in short order he’s applying his Wall Street tricks to penny stocks and using his charm to trick gullible people out of their savings. As he gets richer, he leaves his ex-wife (Cristin Milioti) for a trophy wife (Margot Robbie).

Scorsese has made DiCaprio his muse in recent days: this is their fifth collaboration. The actor’s swaggering portrayal of the lord of the universe is his best performance here.

When charged with securities fraud and money laundering, Belfort serves only three years in a country club prison, easily manipulating his fellow inmates with his wealth.

Review: The Wolf Of Wall Street

And speaking of country clubs, the slapstick scene in which Belfort ingests copious amounts of Quaaludes, descends the steps of a posh country club and tries to drive home is both excruciating and giddy fun.

The Wolf of Wall Street explores the twin demons of insatiable desire and corruption in a thoroughly entertaining way. His cynical script by Terence Winter is razor sharp. And while there are a few too many scenes of manic revelry, the film is engrossing, despite its three-hour running time.

However, it’s not entirely clear whether Scorsese is disgusted by the bad behavior or just winked at it. These are repulsive people who do not suffer the consequences they deserve. Does the director somehow admire their audacity? Don’t delve too deeply into the psyche of these vulgar cheaters. He just mercilessly offers them to the audience, with an extremely fast camera and fast editing.

The Wolf of Wall Street is epic in scale, intoxicating and brimming with vitality – often unsettling. This is Martin Scorsese’s new Good Guys, an outrageous and funny crime epic with stock fraudsters looking for gangsters.

Martin Scorsese Defends ‘the Wolf Of Wall Street’: ‘the Devil Comes With A Smile’ (q&a)

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The Wolf Of Wall Street Movie Review

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